Headquartered in Bergen with an outport office in Baku, Swire Seabed is a growing specialist subsea company with an established reputation for delivering adaptable project solutions worldwide.

We operate three multi-purpose subsea vessels with ROVs manned by in-house marine and ROV crews whom perform fully integrated subsea projects under common systems. We also offer engineering services allowing us to provide full inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services and other subsea solutions.

Swire Seabed owns and operates unique subsea equipment packages with capacity to work down to 6000m. Recent projects include many subsea scopes for the International Oil and Gas industry, as well as a number of other jobs including the record breaking salvage of over 110 tonnes of silver from an Atlantic shipwreck at 4700m depth.

In February 2012, Swire Seabed was acquired by Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) and is now part of SPO’s network of offices that cover over 20 countries on six continents, enabling a genuinely world-wide operating platform.


  • Integrated Marine & ROV Services
  • Engineering
  • Survey services
  • IMR
  • Construction Support & Decommissioning
  • Seabed Excavator & Dredging Services
  • Deep Water Salvage
  • Mobile ROVs

Swire Seabed holds and maintains a broad inventory of ROVs and other subsea equipment predominantly for deployment aboard its own vessels, but also as equipment or service rental packages.