Swire Seabed Contributes to annual Norwegian Tradition – TV-aksjonen NRK 2018

October 2018

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Telethon is the largest information campaign and fundraising event in Norway and involves everyone from local communities to the Royal Family.

Every autumn this nationwide charity campaign raises money for a chosen cause, and this year’s chosen charity is Kirkens Bymisjon (The Church City Mission), one of the largest humanitarian organisations in Norway.

On the day of the Telethon, NRK broadcasts an eight-hour long TV-show, which includes live broadcasts from the many fundraising activities happening across the country. One of the fundraising activities is a live auction which will take place in NRK’s TV studio on Sunday 21st October

Swire Seabed has donated a unique item from a recent project with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for the auction – a lava stone extracted from 2000 meters water depth at Mohnsryggen, an underwater mountain range between Jan Mayen and Bjørnøya. 


Mohnsryggen is where the continental plates slide apart, and is also the distinction between Europe and America. New seabed is formed by lava that comes from deeper layers of the earth, and after analysis, it was discovered that this rock sample is one of the youngest ever found.   

The sample was recovered with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), controlled by Swire Seabed, as part of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's tour in August 2018 onboard Seabed Worker to investigate the possibilities for deep sea minerals in Norwegian territory. After the project, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate gave the sample the Swire Seabed. 

Originally the rock was to remain on display onboard Seabed Worker, but Swire Seabed has instead chosen to auction the stone for the NRK Telethon in support of Kirkens Bymisjon’s efforts.   

The buyer of the stone will receive an authentication certificate and will also be invited onboard Seabed Worker in Bergen for dinner and a vessel tour, subject to the vessel's availability.  

To place a bid, please visit the following link: https://www.auksjonen.no/auksj...

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Good luck!